About Us

Egyptians Abroad for Democracy is an initiative that was started by Egyptians living abroad, who all continue to benefit from free and fair democratic societies. We created this movement with a shared goal of one day seeing a thriving and democratic Egypt. 

The aim of our movement is to promote a legitimate and just democratic state, just like those which we experience in our respective countries abroad. We want to raise awareness to the unjust theft of the rights of millions of Egyptians, who in 2012 and for the first time in their lives, had experienced the freedom of choosing their own leader.

Our vision: A stable, democratic and free Egyptian society.

Our Mission

Egyptians abroad promoting, lobbying, and collaborating with diverse individuals, movements, and institutions for democracy, legitimacy, and human rights.

Following a military coup on the 3rd of July 2013, a new wave of strict censorship had taken effect on nationwide media outlets within Egypt. Even the most subtle opponents were demonized, imprisoned, or outright prevented from reporting the news. This was the real inspiration for Egyptians Abroad for Democracy. We felt that as Egyptians who have had the privilege of living in democratic societies, and understanding the importance of free speech, that we could help be a voice for the voiceless in Egypt. The propaganda machine within any repressive society is one of its biggest assets in order to manipulate thoughts and ideas. Therefore it was imperative to have an alternative avenue where free Egyptians can communicate, express ideas and voice their concerns. 

Part of our philosophy is to bring the spotlight to all the atrocities committed against innocent civilians in Egypt, simply due to their political opinions, which have so far resulted in the worst human rights disaster in modern day Egyptian history. 

We are here to present this initiative to anyone wanting and willing to unite with all of those fighting for the same cause, and under one umbrella. To do so, we must bring forward the common objectives that we have, and use them to our full advantage. It has to be clear that any potential success will only come through unity, and that we must all start together with one common idea and goal. It is also important to note that we must extend a hand to those who insist on supporting the current Egyptian regime, by comprising on some of these ideas temporarily, in order to bring a sense of unity back to the streets of Egypt. 

Establishing a constructive, professional, and organized network is essential in order for members from all sides, both in and outside of Egypt, to communicate as widely and effectively as possible. We believe working smart is more important than working hard.

We are here with our vision to establish a worldwide coalition. This coalition does not require you to be an Egyptian, but rather requires you to be human enough to condemn any injustice and theft of human rights that takes place. Through this organization, we aim to stand against oppression occurring all throughout the world. 

Keeping the organization as transparent as possible, as well as working together as a team, will be key to how effective we will be. We are all on the same journey, and wish to see any form of oppression eliminated worldwide and justice restored. 

Due to recent events, we have been able to work as one, and to uncover the despicably evil intentions of those whom we once thought were protectors of the revolution. This unity should enable us to carry on with our work for a long time, and will help us build a professional and integral movement. 

We can be the means in making this goal a reality for all of our brothers and sisters in Egypt, as well as for the rest of the world.